Sunday, December 21, 2008


It's ok to dream of snow, isn't it? I used to play in the snow, have snow ball fights, sleigh ride, make snow cones, etc. when I lived in Virginia. Somehow the snow represents the pure side of our lives. The blankets of white are comforting, and refreshing. Nostalgia has always carried me back in time to Virginia, kind of like, "Carry Me back to Ole Virginny", or "Take Me Home, Country Roads". Somehow these two songs remind me of "Over the River and Through The Woods, to Grandmother's House We Go". Do you not get the picture of horses pulling carriages and sleighs through snow drifts? Oh well, enough said about snow! LOL. More than likely, what we will get here in Alabama, will be rain, or just plain cold without the snow. I STILL praise God for the things we have to be so thankful for...for life, children, for the peace that prayer brings. For the love of our families, friends and loved ones. May God bring you peace and tranquility in your lives over Christmas, and may you have "snow" filled thoughts that bring you back to your childhood.

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