Monday, November 10, 2008


Please get involved in some sort of political activism or public work to move America forward. I strive hard, taking my time out, to find interesting articles to post here, and to alert you to up to date political news. If you have anything of interest for my readers to know, please post, or you can contact me at

I feel it is ALL AMERICANS' duty to work towards a common goal of bettering ourselves and making America all that it can be. We live in the greatest country on earth and I believe it is a privilege to be an American.

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Don said...

If you care to, you can post the following text of a letter to the editor that I submitted to numerous Alabama newspapers last week. At least one newspaper that I’m aware of, the Anniston Star, has published it thus far.

The Alabama Silver-haired Legislature met recently and presented resolutions to Governor Riley regarding its recommendations of issues for the legislature to take up. One of its top three statewide issues was adopting an Initiative and Referendum (I&R) constitutional amendment.

Yes, wisdom comes with age.

The legislature has had the opportunity to pass such an amendment for the past several sessions, but too many legislators want to keep all the power in their hands in Montgomery so it hasn't been passed.

Sadly, it won't be passed until enough legislators are convinced by their constituents to help it pass or face the very real possibility of being voted out of office in 2010.

I&R is the key to having various REAL reform and accountability measures passed that so many editorialists say they favor. It's up to them to use their resources to educate the public on this issue in order to create the demand for I&R by voters all across Alabama.

Editorialists, report for duty and help Alabama become the 25th I&R state.

(Editors are urged to learn more about this issue by visiting my website @