Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb to Resign....INTERESTING!!!

Alabama Chief Justice, Sue Bell Cobb, has announced today that she will step down from her high office as leader of the Judicial system of Alabama (Administrative Office of Courts, etc...).  Her  reasons...she wants to spend more time with friends and family.  I know that Sue Bell worked really hard to get to this position...with her family helping in her campaign...(Remember, "This Little Light Of Mine")....does this mean that the light will no longer "shine"?

"Another statewide race at this point in time would require me to raise millions of dollars while constantly endeavoring to appear and remain impartial".. Well, I don't remember Sue Bell being "impartial", when she ruled on a case involving one of my family members, while at the same time, campaigning for Susan Parker (my opponent in the 2006 Alabama State Public Service Commission race)...  

Back in 2009, Sue Bell Cobb was considering leaving her position as Chief Justice to run for Governor of Alabama....

This is the 2nd Judge in Alabama to resign, or alert us to a resignation,  in 2 weeks...the other Judge was Patricia Warner in Montgomery ...|mostcom 

Well, it certainly looks like politics in Alabama are fixing to heat up....Whew...100 degrees or what? 

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