Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ron Sparks Position on Governor Bob Riley's Attempt to Raid "COUNTRY CROSSING"

Here is the statement I received from Ron Sparks' Campaign Headquarters today, concerning Governor Bob Riley's attempt to raid COUNTRY CROSSING. 

Statement From Ron Sparks
Regarding Governor Bob Riley’s Attempt to Raid Country Crossing
For Immediate Release: January 6, 2010
“Governor Riley’s latest attempt to shut down gaming operations at Country Crossings in Dothan, Alabama is just one more example of why the State of Alabama needs to once and for all address gaming in Alabama and pass comprehensive legislation that regulates it, controls it and taxes it.”

“Bob Riley’s campaign against an industry that employs thousand of working people across the State, has already cost the Alabama taxpayers in the millions.”
“Country Crossings, in the short time that it has been open, has already generated over a million dollars in revenue for Houston County as well as employing some 2,000 workers.”
“Regulated and taxed gaming will create jobs and jobs will create economic prosperity in our State. This is the right path for Alabama on the gaming issue and one that I will take as Governor.”

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My good friend Legal Schnauzer,  has also made a good post about Riley's new interest in Country Crossing.

Your thoughts about BINGO...GAMBLING???

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