Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Judicial Reform Meeting was Very Inspiring

Those of you who didn't get to attend the meeting last night, missed meeting a very important young woman who came from Chilton County to tell her story about almost losing her eye.  She was featured in the Clanton Advertiser on the front page back in 2007,  where she was stalked after a MySpace incident, and then wounded after a ball game in Jemison.  I was so proud of her for telling her story, and she also came with her mom and grandmother, so you missed a three generation family with a story to tell!!  Thank you to those who came, as it was much appreciated to see that THERE IS interest in Judicial Reform!  While most of the attendees were from Chilton County, there were some who came from Autauga County, but not many.  I was quite surprised that more didn't show up from Autauga County, since it was advertised in the Prattville Progress, and also on several sites, including blogs, and Facebook. 

Brandy and I are looking forward to our next meeting, and those who are reading our blogs, stay tuned and we will keep you posted through emails as well!  Our members are growing, and it's very inspiring to hear the many new stories, and know that there ARE people in the 19th Judicial Circuit who are interested in change. 

 To our "guest speaker" who backed out at the last minute, it's ok.  We had invited you to speak, because we believed you could remain "unbiased" and actually inform us of the duties and responsibilities of the Circuit Clerk's office.   We will just look up the Code of Alabama and be informed through the Code.  At least we learned that next time we will be prepared to have a back up speaker. 

To the guests who came, thank you again, and may your hearts not be troubled.  You have many who are "right there with you" and appreciate having you in our growing number of citizens who realize that change is needed and that change is coming.  God Bless!  

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