Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little 7 year old Somer Thompson's Body Found in a Landfill

There is a question that EVERY parent must ask themselves.  How could someone murder a child and discard their body like trash.  IT'S HORRIBLE.  This is exactly what happened to Somer Thompson.  The same exact thing happened to Shannon Nicole Paulk in Prattville.  They have never found Shannon's killer.  We must pray that the killers of both of these girls are found.  Ever be vigilant with your children!


Jackie said...

I don't like to point fingers at the parents, I'm sure they're devastated, because the murderer of this little girl is the only one that should be punished by sacrificing his life for this heinous deed, but I just wonder what a seven yr old was doing walking over a mile by herself home from school. In this day and age, it's just not safe for our children!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Jackie, I wondered that myself. I know when my kids were that age, they were STILL made to sit in the grocery cart when I went shopping.. they would get so mad about that, but I didn't care. I said they were staying there WITH ME pushing it, while I was shopping. Ask my kids today, they will tell you I have always been very protective of them.. (they might even say overly protective). The mother did look genuninely hurt, and she probably had to work the day that Somer was abducted.. Didn't Somer have other kids she walked home with?

Jackie said...

Yes, there were other kids with her, but I dunno how old they were either.

I'm like you, my daughter never left my sight up to and over that age, and that was almost 20 years ago. Even into Jr. high if she was outside playing with friends outta my sight, I would yell her name out the door every so often until she acknowledged her presence, lol. I'm sure it drove her nuts, but I hear her doing it with my granddaughter now!

Poor Ciara is gonna have two of us after her!

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Ciara has an excellent mom, who will really make sure she grows up safely and soundly! You are like me, Jackie, you realize the danger that lurks in every corner. It's true. Not safe for anyone anymore. Thank God for mothers like you.