Sunday, August 30, 2009


I found several articles on Coal Mining and the effects it has on our environment. Julia Bonds is the CHAMPION when it comes to saving the West Virginia mountaintops. I, for one, love the beauty of the West Virginia mountains, as I was born in them. I applaud Julia Bonds for her hard work and earnest endeavors to protect the beautiful mountains, and the environment.

Julia has been an activist since 2001, when she and her family were forced to move because of mountaintop mining. Her family had a deep history, including a family cemetery. Julia is the Executive Director of Coal River Mountain Watch, a group that was formed to actively address and observe Coal Mining and the hazards that coal mining can cause to the environment and people's health. I watched a documentary on television a couple years ago concerning Julia Bonds and her group, and found it to be extremely informative. I hope you enjoy reading about Julia and her group as much as I did. I applaud her for her tremendous love for her community, family, and the mountains. Cheers, Julia1

Another great article on WEST VIRGINIA ACTIVISTS locking down coal mining trucks!

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

You and I certainly know about coal mining, Deb, don't we?????? I'm surprised that both of us don't have Black Lung--being in that environment... ha..