Saturday, December 13, 2008


Good grief, Charlie Brown!! Where have I been, not to know that was around? That looks like a very interesting site, and a great place to follow friends. You can visit me at and I'll try to keep you updated.


Don said...

I’ve been wondering where you are for the longest time. You know what I mean. :-)

As for Twitter: That’s all I need…one more thing to distract me and take up space on my PC when I don’t have enough space as it is. Have fun with Twitter, anyway, but I’m not signing up.

Deb Murphree/Alabama Politics said...

Ha Ha! Is that what takes up my computer space? (Mine has more family pics and such than what my space allots, I do believe lol. I just discovered TWITTER this morning! I was visiting Loretta's website, and noticed the Twitter site. I didn't know that Wilson Myers had gone to Iraq? Years ago, in 2002, Wilson had asked me to speak for him at the Silver Haired Legislators' banquet in Montgomery. This was when Wilson was running for Attorney General of Alabama. It was a most enjoyable evening. I was campaigning for sheriff and went to speak for Wilson's campaign lol....Anyway, long story short, they were without a piano player. I volunteered, and voila! What fun that was.