Saturday, September 5, 2009


Texas prisoner, Thomas McGowan spent 23 years in prison for rape and robbery...a crime he DID NOT COMMIT.  He will be compensated for this grave injustice done to him.  He is going to receive 1.8 million dollars for the many years he sat in prison wrongfully convicted!!  I love hearing stories like this, because it shows that the justice system in America is NOT flawless and it was great to know that he will be compensated.  However, losing 23 years of your that really justice, no matter how much money he receives?? WHAT IS YOUR OPINION?  Please weigh in.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Arkansas Cop Shoots Fire Chief over TICKETING Dispute

Wow!  The fire chief spoke his mind to the Judge about cops ticketing the citizens of Jericho, Arkansas, and got SHOT for it. 

"You can't even get them to answer a call because normally they're writing tickets," said Thomas Martin, chief investigator for the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office. "They're not providing a service to the citizens."

One man got ticketed for driving  58 mph in his own driveway!


26 car procession...Michael Jackson's brothers and sisters attending his final farewell.  His mother, father, Elizabeth Taylor, and many others...paying their last respects to their beloved Michael.|htmlws-main|dl2|link3|


I knew that something like this would happen!!  As much as I would like to attend a meeting on Health Care Reform...I think I'll opt out.   Good Grief!!  A 65 year old man lost his pinky during a protest,  after  a fist fight broke out...He was opposing Health Care Reform.

Antiques for sale?? Not Selling the Family Dog or the Kitchen Sink!'s my blog and I can add anything my heart desires, right?  How about if I list a page with Depression Glass I have in shops for sale.??  Or...for that matter, other antiques?  Your opinions?  How many of you like antiques...?

Ok..Need Help On Color Changes For Blog

Help?  How do I change the color from pink to a pale orange...??  Don't ya'll think pink is too girlie?  Ok...I'll even post the anonymous criticism LOL..

Man Jokes About Selling Parents...|htmlws-main|dl7|link3|

Okay.....might have been a joke, but I certainly wouldn't have considered selling my parents, or even joking about it.  Everyone who knows me, knows I love humor...maybe this was the wrong day to read this?? 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I was actually shocked when I read this story.  Makes you want to leave  your children at  home with a qualified babysitter....
I have a little story to share, myself ...but this one is a good one.  I took my granddaughter to the Stockyards in Clanton today, and the cheese man tried to give her a slice of cheese.  She refused it.  I couldn't figure out why, because she LOVES cheese.  When I got in the car, it finally dawned on me, that her mother teaches her not to accept things from strangers.  THAT HAS TO BE IT!!  He was a stranger to her.  While that was still reminds us to teach our children, and grandchildren, to always be wary now days of people they don't know. 

Texas Court Overturns Nanny's Conviction

My good friend, Brandy Knight caught this Judicial link before I did.  Kudos, Brandy, for letting me know about this.,2933,545405,00.html

The Fifth Court of Appeals in Dallas, Texas ruled that there were 2 errors made during the Capitol Murder trial of the nanny,  Ada Betty Cuadros Fernandez. 

Ada Betty Cuadros Fernandez was caring for twin boys, and investigators concluded that she had smashed one of the twin boy's head into a cabinet door in the kitchen. 

"The court ruled Friday that Cuadros' defense attorney was not able to cross-examine a DNA analyst who prepared a report used at trial, violating a defendant's right to confront an accuser. An expert witness opinion rebutting the prosecution's theory of the case also was wrongly excluded from trial, the court said."  It appears this is another case involving DNA.

BETSY IN TENNESSEE will be PROUD of me now LOL..I fixed my HTML!

Hey Betsy, I just went to the "compose" button on the posting section, and it had the exact place to put my link to post it correctly.  FINALLY.  Thanks for your instructions, as well.  You are a real jewel! 

Same Sex Marriages Being Performed in Vermont

Gay marriages are being performed in Vermont.  I always thought of Vermont as horse drawn carriages in the snow,  and Bed and Breakfast homes.  I have also wondered if men marry each other, who's last name do they take?  This article was an interesting one on a marriage between two men in Vermont.  Your views on Same sex marriages?  I would like for my readers to respond to this one.  I know it is a big issue ...(I don't think Gubernatorial Candidate Roy Moore will be  giving us his views, however.  We already know he has stated that gays are an "inherent evil")...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Beautiful story...Homeless Woman's Blogging Helped Change Her Life!

Brianna Karp was homeless 6 months ago and living in an old truck camper...NOW, she has a job working for Elle magazine. Read this exciting and inspirational story.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

CHUCK NORRIS endorses ROY MOORE for Governor of Alabama

I found this to be quite interesting, and I feel like maybe Chuck Norris' main reason for promoting Roy Moore could be the fact that they both share a love for MARTIAL ARTS. It seems that Roy Moore, before he became known as the 10 Commandments Judge, made a living as a KICK-BOXER. Uh oh...kick-boxer and governnor all in one sentence? LOL. Well, I believe this should definitely get Roy Moore's campaign "KICKED" into high gear.

Jasmine Vontres Dent Brings the Autauga County Board of Registrars Under Scrutiny!

Evidently a woman, Jasmine Vontres Dent, who should have qualified to register to vote in Autauga County, had her application denied, and not only denied, but marked as FRAUDULENT APPLICATION. Reverend Johnny Davis, of Prattville has been asked to look into this situation, and I know that Jasmine's family can rest assured that Johnny Davis will not leave a stone unturned to get this matter straightened out.

It appears that Bobby Wise might not be related to Bobby Bright after all. LOL. Just a joke, Bobby.


Congressman Bobby Bright has riled up several citizens, in fact, so much that they held a Health Care rally at the steps of the capitol in Montgomery on Friday. Citizens feel that Bobby Bright is ignoring them, and they came out in numbers to show their feelings about the subject. My good friend, Jennifer Johnston was one of the organizers. I wanted to attend this, but my neck injury has prevented me from doing so.

Jennifer appears on radio stations as host, and also calls in to view her opinions.


I found several articles on Coal Mining and the effects it has on our environment. Julia Bonds is the CHAMPION when it comes to saving the West Virginia mountaintops. I, for one, love the beauty of the West Virginia mountains, as I was born in them. I applaud Julia Bonds for her hard work and earnest endeavors to protect the beautiful mountains, and the environment.

Julia has been an activist since 2001, when she and her family were forced to move because of mountaintop mining. Her family had a deep history, including a family cemetery. Julia is the Executive Director of Coal River Mountain Watch, a group that was formed to actively address and observe Coal Mining and the hazards that coal mining can cause to the environment and people's health. I watched a documentary on television a couple years ago concerning Julia Bonds and her group, and found it to be extremely informative. I hope you enjoy reading about Julia and her group as much as I did. I applaud her for her tremendous love for her community, family, and the mountains. Cheers, Julia1

Another great article on WEST VIRGINIA ACTIVISTS locking down coal mining trucks!