Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Military Cousin, Chris McKinney Meets Sandra Bullock

We are extremely proud of Chris McKinney and his desire to serve his country.  It was fittingly so, that he was able to be in with the troops when Sandra Bullock received her Troops Choice Award for Entertainer of the Year ...You go Chris!!! Continue to make us proud, honey.  We love you very much! (You and Irma both).,,20364464_20391618,00.html

Politics in Alabama....such a CHANGE!

I returned from my Virginia trip to SURPRISING news that Paul Beckman had won the District 88 House seat over Mac Gipson; that the sheriff of Autauga County had won the Republican race by 69.6 percent over Ron Boles (could it be that LIGHTNING struck the courthouse computer again, and the sheriff had to carry the ballots to Elmore County to Randall Houston, to count?? (just a thought, as it has happened before);  Golson won the Coroner race;  Ray Boles is in a runoff with Taylor, Tim James MIGHT be in the run off for Republican nominee of the Gubernatorial race, although I was surprised that Dr. Robert Bentley was in the lead.  (Could it be because of his stand he's running on, "will not take a paycheck until unemployment in Alabama is gone"?) Another big surprise was a man named, "Young Boozer" getting  65 percent of the vote over a National name like George Wallace Jr.! (Yes, Young Boozer IS a name! LOL;  Another equally interesting race was the one between Ron Sparks and Artur Davis.  That wasn't really a surprise though, because Artur, in my opinion, didn't stand a chance without seeking the Alabama Democratic Conference.  The ADC holds a lot of weight in the state of Alabama in the Democrats' camp, and I was surprised that Artur Davis did not seek their endorsement.  When I saw that, I thought, "Uh oh, Artur!  It's all over but the crying!"  Chip Brown, in the STATE PSC RACE, was defeated by Terry Dunn, whom I know nothing about.    I haven't had the chance to check out Dunn's qualifications, but if Chip says to support him in the General Election, that's good enough for me.  It's TIME FOR AN OVERHAUL :)  Now, time to support Kelly Ingram in the General Election for Autauga County Board of Education, and Billy Brown for SHERIFF.  Let's hope Billy gets a clean slate in court.  I'll be there with bells on to watch the trial.  Time to put my signs out too!!

Tell me something readers, does a NAME really matter?   Does an UNUSUAL name really matter?   Do promises to the public make a difference???  I wanna know what YOU think!