Saturday, October 10, 2009

Meeting in the Park was a SUCCESS!!

Several people attended the Meeting In The Park today, for Judicial Reform.  The people who came represented all 3 counties of the 19th Judicial Circuit.  Brandy Knight, Coordinator of the meeting, was very pleased with the turnout, as was I.  We have several pictures to share with you, but will be posting the stories either tomorrow or the next day, depending on when the final drafts are ready. 

The rain held off for us today, and we even saw some sun shining through the clouds.   What a great day!  In attendance, were two individuals who were former candidates for sheriff in two separate counties of the 19th Judicial Circuit, and one individual who is running for Coroner of Chilton County.  We even had a guest come from as far away as Jefferson County!  The Clanton Advertiser even had an article on the front page concerning Brandy's Meeting in the Park...

We decided in unison that we will continue to hold our meetings, and try to conduct them about once a month in one of the 3 19th Judicial Circuit Counties. The county of choice for November will be announced at a later day.  We will keep you posted. 

We are proud of the response we had today..and of the group we  have formed.  If you have any suggestions, or would like to join our group, please contact Brandy Knight (Fair Justice) or me, here at my blog.

Brandy Knight (on right) & myself

Jessie Bombara, her husband & daughter

Darren Obrien, my good friend who ran for Elmore County Sheriff in 2002

Paul Brooks, wife & daughter (Paul is a candidate for Coroner of Chilton County)

Mr. Cleckler

Today is World Mental Health Day

Dentist Kim Kornegay in Prattville Protesting Liquor License Ordered by Judge John Bush

I found this to be quite interesting!   A Prattville dentist, Kim Kornegay is protesting Circuit Judge John Bush's decision to grant a liquor license to Hiro Koda's new business in Prattville,  CLUB BTS. 

Hiro Koda was denied a license through the Prattville City Council, and had appealed to Autauga County Circuit Court.  Circuit Court Judge, John Bush granted the liquor license, and Hiro Koda plans to open up his club on Sunday afternoon.   I say Kudos to Judge John Bush for his decision. 

I have noticed that there have been other owners in the past in the Autauga County/Prattville area who have been denied liquor licenses, and it stifled their businesses.  Are we not supposed to support local businesses, and want them to thrive?  This is not a religious decision for one to make.  I welcome any and all posts concerning this issue...even anonymous, unless they are hateful and spiteful.  Attacking someone's character is not the answer here.  I want to hear REAL opinions of why or why not Judge Bush should have ruled the way he did.  I want to hear REAL opinions, also, of why or why not the council denied the liquor license.


I have always admired Helen Keller for her ability to rise about her loss of sight.  She was truly a remarkable woman, and so deserving of having a statue of her likeness made.

"Alone I can do so little....TOGETHER we can do so much!"  Helen Keller.

Another Inspirational Blog...."ODESSA"

I ran across this blog today and read it.  Very inspirational and takes you deep into the mind of another person.  I love the blogs that make you ponder life.  I hope you will visit her site and enjoy it as much as I did.

Women, If You Need a Bra, Contact the BRA MAN!!

Here is both an inspirational story and also one that will make you smile..or laugh, but it's true.  I thought it might be a little bit parallel to breast cancer month, so I'm posting it.  Here is a MAN (Oz du Soleil, from Chicago) who donates his time and energies to helping the less fortunate receive bras. Come on girls.  We all know that bras are expensive, but necessary.   I find that the best buys and most exciting colors, are at ROSS DRESS FOR LESS.  Well, looks like Ross has competition.  If you cannot afford to go to Ross, contact this man, and maybe he can  help you.  He is serious about his endeavors and I have to congratulate him for his determination to  help women in stress.|htmlws-main|dl1|link3|  Don't forget to get involved in some type of project concerning Breast Cancer Awareness Month, also.  If you would like to share a story with us, about someone you know who is struggling with Breast Cancer, please feel free to post your story. 

Friday, October 9, 2009


Found this interesting link from back in June about the moon and scientists.  Does anyone have an update on this.  Seems this is the first I have heard about it, but then again, I don't stay up to date with the galaxy except watching the stars, moon, sun, etc.  Tell me what you have heard about this article.  Was quite intriguing.

Meeting in the Park, THIS SATURDAY, Clanton City Park, 1:00 p.m. BE THERE!

My good friend Brandy ( )      has scheduled the Meeting in the Park (about the 19th Judicial Circuit and those who are concerned and want to improve the Circuit), for this coming Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 1:00, Clanton City Park, (right behind Freds).  You turn left into a small driveway, which I believe is Park Drive, right before you get to the light.  Several have mentioned an interest in attending this meeting.  The City of Clanton has given us permission to hold the meeting. News media  has contacted Brandy and expressed an interest in covering the meeting.   If you are a concerned citizen of the 19th Judicial Circuit (Chilton, Elmore, and Autauga County), then you should plan to attend and visit with other like minded citizens who wish to make the circuit a better one for all. 

Cherie's New Blog (from THIS SIDE OF TOWN)

I hope you will get to visit Cherie's new blog, UnCoveringACulture, since she cannot seem to open her This Side of Town blog. 

Monday, October 5, 2009

91 former State Attorney Generals Backing Don Siegelman!

The Press Register in Mobile says that 91 former State Attorney Generals from all over the United States, are advocating for former Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman.  Most contend that his conviction was politically motivated.  In July of 2007, 44 former State Attorney Generals were asking for an investigation into Don's case. (through signed letter to Congress).  "It's an awesome statement," said Robert Abrams, former Democratic attorney general of New York. "Never before, in the history of this nation, have former attorneys general banded together in unity before the courts of this country in such great number."


The Autauga Area Community Foundation in Autauga County, Alabama, is sponsoring their 5TH Annual Halloween Howl. 
"AACF’s annual event raises funds for grants given to agencies and organizations that provide services to Autauga area residents."

Location:  Robert Trent Jones Clubhouse
Time:  7:00 p.m. Friday, October the 30th, 2009.

The location of the Autauga Area Community Foundation is:

134 North McDonough Street,
Montgomery, Alabama 36104
Phone:  334-264-6223 (Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 5:00 pm)

The Facebook information for the Autauga Area Community Foundation lists the fiollowing:

"Individuals may establish new funds to support specific purposes or organizations, or they may contribute to existing funds. These charitable funds provide grants to area nonprofits to improve the quality of life in Autauga County."

What a great program for our area!! If you know of any other great programs, such as this one, please contact me, and I'll list it on this site for you.  Thanks to Tammy Starnes for providing the info. for this post, and good luck in selling the tickets, Tammy, for the Halloween event!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Update on former WEATHER GIRL (WAKA) Ashley McDonald

Here is a link to Ashley's new Profile in Atlanta.

Please Visit & Donate...(This Side Of Town)

My good friend, Cherie, is once again imploring to the public for help to aide victims of the Tsunami in American Samoa, victms in the Philippines, and in Indonesia.

Cherie said you can help in many ways. 

To donate via phone: 1-877-HELP-CRS

To donate online:

To write a check: Catholic Relief Services
P.O. Box 17090
Baltimore, MD 21203-7090

To donate to Samoa please contact the American Red Cross
ARC - 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

Disaster Relief Fund:
American Red Cross
P.O. Box 37243
Washington, DC 20013 or your local ARC chapter

For a secure online donation:


The Atlanta based Southern Christian Leadership Conference, co-founded by the late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  is narrowing down their finalists for President of the SCLC.  The 2 finalists are Rev. Bernice King (Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter), and Arkansas Court of Appeals Judge Wendell Griffen. Alabamian Charles Steele was President of the SCLC for 5 years until he resigned in February. 


A nurse and mother of 3 in Florida is brain dead and on life support after suffering complications from an "anti-cellulite treatment".  What the heck!  Another reason I stay clear of things like that.|htmlws-main|dl3|link3|

I have heard of this happening on several occasions...where a woman would go in for plastic surgery and then either become very ill, go into a coma, or die.  Kanye West's mom died because of plastic surgery.

Please consider the consequences and after effects of plastic surgery before you attempt to get any type of treatment performed.  Surgery does not always turn out like you want it to.  I'm sure this case was one in a million, but it does happen. 

The Broward County Sheriff's Department is investigating this case.