Tuesday, March 31, 2009


How appropriate for a virus to hit, on APRIL FOOL'S DAY!! Everyone be alert.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Nursing Home Killings Spark OUTRAGE!

Once again, I am repulsed to have to post this, but I hope that we realize we have to be ever more vigilant with our helpless elderly family members as well as our children. We trust our family members in a nursing home, but like I said before, noone is safe ANYWHERE. Ok, I'll get off of my soapbox, and get ready for work. You all have a nice day today, and I'll try to find some GOOD news, to uplift you.


Man Decapitates his Baby Sister at Her Own Birthday Party!

How in the world can people be so sadistic to kill their own baby sister...yes, I know she was 5, but I call that a baby. It's horrible to me to think that we, as a civilization, are having to realize that noone is safe even within their own family. This news just really upset me.


Alabama Legislators Aren't April Foolin' ANYONE


I was disgusted 2 years ago when the Alabama Legislators voted for their gigantic 61 percent pay raise. I even picketed at the State House then, and took many pictures. WAKA even interviewed me then, for my ideas of why legislative pay should not go up. NOW, I'm outraged about their pay going up again. Right here when everyone is in a recession, and they can live with theirselves accepting another pay raise?? It's repulsive, revolting and obnoxious. Shame on you, Legislators!! I challenge you all to give your "pay raise" to charity. I double dare you!!