Saturday, January 30, 2010

Country Singer Randy Owen (Country Crossings)...and the Bob Riley/Casino Issues..

Here is a link to a fellow blogger's post,  Roger, (Legal Schnauzer), which I found to be quite interesting...

 Country Singer Randy Owen...Lead singer of the group "ALABAMA"... has sung quite a few songs promoting Alabama.  "My Home's In Alabama"...  "Christmas In Dixie"...etc.  I think you get the picture.   (If anyone can find a link to Randy Owen singing for Bob Riley's campaign, please post it for me....I have been unable to locate one)...

I DID locate a link with  some interesting comments!

Mobile Mental Health Patient Tased During Traffic Stop...Brain Dead Before He Reaches Emergency Room

This is a very sad case of a Mobile Mental Health patient who was stopped by law enforcement, and tased, more than once,  accordingly to the attorney that has filed suit for the family.  Mobile attorney,  Chase Dearmanly said his investigations of the case unearthed that 25 year old Daniel Mingo  was BRAIN DEAD when he arrived at the emergency room.  "Mingo was tased multiple times and injured to the extent that brain swelling happened"

This case certainly raises multiple questions, but one main one...ARE TASERS REALLY SAFE?  You read about cases where the use of tasers have killed individuals.

HERE IS A MARCH 31, "2006" REPORT...where Amnesty International released a report about 70 taser related deaths from the tasers..."non-lethal weapons".

Here's another case on Tasing...

Here's a Wikipedia listed tasing ...

CBS THIS MORNING... had a show on tasing...

If  you think that TASING is safe, please weigh in.  If you think it's UNSAFE, please let me know your reasons as well. 

Friday, January 29, 2010


BOB RILEY'S MOVES "DON'T STOP GAMBLING"...  although about 225 employees from VICTORYLAND have been laid off.

By the way, you can purchase a picture of the TROOPERS' cars...(many of them) outside of Victoryland in Shorter...from the Montgomery Advertiser.



WHAT, exactly, is going on with VICTORYLAND and COUNTRY CROSSING??   The news all over town today, was troopers swooped in on Victoryland early this morning asking patrons to leave in anticipation of raiding McGregor's facility...THEN...the raid was HALTED???  Now, John Tyson Jr. is requesting a warrant from the Alabama Supreme Court to move forward again.  We met John Tyson Jr., on the campaign trail, and he was a very nice gentleman.  He's surely a tough bulldog,  and I think he should run against Troy King again!! LOL...Now, that being said,   when is it safe to visit Victoryland?? I've also been wanting to check out Country Crossing as well.  This whole uproar about Bob Riley and the casinos just has Alabama in the National spotlight again.  Way to go..Bob!

Another Website Concerning Thomas Arthur...Death Row Inmate

This is another great site concerning Thomas Arthur.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thomas Arthur is appealing a Jefferson County Judge's decision to throw out Bobby Ray Gilber's confession in Thomas's case. Keep on Thomas...Good luck.  There are way too many UNANSWERED questions in your case.  Why is Troy King so quick to want to execute you??  ***The DNA that was FINALLY tested (but not all of it)...did NOT match Thomas Arthur or Bobby Ray Gilbert.  I will keep you updated on the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeal's hearing, and decision in this case.