Saturday, August 9, 2008


My good friend Loretta Nall has inspired me, on many levels. 1) Don't take Troy King seriously...when it comes to him fighting to keep us from having sex toys. I wonder if Troy might even enjoy the toys? 2) I met Loretta on several occasions, and she is one of the most energetic women I have ever known. 3) Loretta doesn't take no for an answer. She gets up and gets going, when she hears the word NO. 4) Loretta's campaign for Governor was a truly hard run one, and she actually got more media coverage than any of the others running. 5) Loretta has fought the corrupt judicial system of Alabama, as my family has, and she came out shining.

All in all, I give Loretta a 10 in my book. Check out her website. She posts quite frequently there.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie...Oh Baby!

The newly arrived twins of Brad and Angelina, have had their pics taken by none other than PEOPLE MAGAZINE. (People paid millions). I wonder if I could get my grandbabies' pics taken too, for a nice little sum LOL. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!! My grandkids are not for sale. No way, Jose. Anyway, I post their pics on my blogsite here, so you can view, without paying. Ha Ha. (I have pictures of my other 2 grandkids, as well, but my son in law won't let me publish them. He said there are too many perverts out there. I GUESS THAT'S TRUE. However, the pervs know NOT to mess with my family.

Back to Brad and Angelina, and the big bucks. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. WHAT'S ADMIRABLE is that Brad and Angelina are donating all the big bucks to CHARITY!!!! See this link:

Monday, August 4, 2008


go to

Also another great site to view is:

Don's family & friends, are working hard to get justice for Don. Please help!

You can contribute to Don's fight for justice, by writing to this address:

Friends of Don Siegelman
3963 River View Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35243

Did Repubs and Demos miss me??

Never fear, I am never far away!! Ha Ha. I have been taking a small break, while getting ready for school to start. I am NEVER far away from the political field though :) Don't even think that I don't keep up to date, on what is going on. I know that Don Siegelman and his friends (including me) are very interested in the latest goings on of Karl Rove. I know that I am still keeping an eye on Bob Riley, and hoping that he still has Thomas Arthur in mind! I know that I do. Thomas and other inmates like himself, (some of whom are innocent), are always dependent upon those of us on the outside of prison, to be their eyes and ears to getting justice. No matter where I am, or what I am doing, I believe in justice for all.

So, I will be making another post later on this evening. JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW I HAVEN'T GONE ANYWHERE, in case Bob, & Karl missed me! And although I am a newly declared Republican, I still have friends on the other side of the aisle. So don't judge me about whether I am Republican, etc. Democrats still have a place in my life! (Maybe even Libertarians).