Thursday, June 30, 2011

The President Of The United States Deserves RESPECT!....

racWhat has happened to our country when people show a lack of respect for our own President?  What was Mark Halperin thinking when he stated he thought that President Barack Obama was a dick?  We are talking about the man who was responsible for issuing instructions that brought about the capture of Osama Bin Laden.

 This kind of reminds me of the shoe throwing incident with President Bush

Or the Republican congressman, (Joe Wilson) who shouted out, "You Lie" to the President 

We have a right to speak out, BUT as Americans, I believe we should hold our tongues and have respect....for our President.  

Happy Fourth of July everybody!!  Let's be proud we are Americans.... God Bless America...

TimeLine of Sue Bell Cobb as Chief Justice...Let's Take a LOOK!

Sue Bell Cobb became Chief Justice of Alabama in 2007....

In 2009, Sue Bell was considering running for Governor of Alabama (stepping stone here)... 

And then, just yesterday, Sue Bell announced she will step down in August...from her position as Chief Justice of Alabama..."for her family and friends"...|topnews|text|Frontpage 

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alabama Chief Justice Sue Bell Cobb to Resign....INTERESTING!!!

Alabama Chief Justice, Sue Bell Cobb, has announced today that she will step down from her high office as leader of the Judicial system of Alabama (Administrative Office of Courts, etc...).  Her  reasons...she wants to spend more time with friends and family.  I know that Sue Bell worked really hard to get to this position...with her family helping in her campaign...(Remember, "This Little Light Of Mine")....does this mean that the light will no longer "shine"?

"Another statewide race at this point in time would require me to raise millions of dollars while constantly endeavoring to appear and remain impartial".. Well, I don't remember Sue Bell being "impartial", when she ruled on a case involving one of my family members, while at the same time, campaigning for Susan Parker (my opponent in the 2006 Alabama State Public Service Commission race)...  

Back in 2009, Sue Bell Cobb was considering leaving her position as Chief Justice to run for Governor of Alabama....

This is the 2nd Judge in Alabama to resign, or alert us to a resignation,  in 2 weeks...the other Judge was Patricia Warner in Montgomery ...|mostcom 

Well, it certainly looks like politics in Alabama are fixing to heat up....Whew...100 degrees or what? 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Allie From Bama....I've got ya covered girl!!

I might even start enjoying know...being "in the know" now.. Nothing like taking the wind out of the sails of your stalker!  Allie...this one's for you..."Looking forward to the Christmas lights again this year!"

Hey Mr. "Charter" ...Why are you stalking me?

I'm just curious as to why a certain Charter person, that is involved with the Sheriff's stalking me on my website.  Yesterday, this individual visited my site over 10 times...and that's kind of weird.  This same individual is also the same person who wishes me no good things...He/she has tried to post on several occasions, to this website...and the things that they have tried to post contained vulgarity and profanity towards I refused to post the messages.  The reason I know that they are involved with the Autauga County Sheriff's Department, is because they are constantly looking up posts that are involving the sheriff and people who have run for well as comments they made about being angry that I posted pictures of 3 deputy squad cars parked outside of Citgo at the Pine Level exit.  I did let a few posts of this individual's go through...but they still weren't very nice posts.  

I hope that whoever this individual is...decides that he/she wants to quit watching and following's creepy, and it's starting to alarm me a little bit.  This person has a MAC computer apparatus...and uses the Charter service.  He/she comes to my site at all hours of the day...I guess Herbie must have someone watching me?  One more thing...they have already visited my site this morning...EARLY.  It's okay to visit my's a public site, and it's a POLITICAL SITE...however, this person's intentions with me, are not of a positive manner...Should I be concerned about this???