Thursday, May 13, 2010


utaI believe that we are going to be hearing a lot more about this story.  Alabama Democratic Conference bigwig Joe Reed has spoken.  He doesn't believe that Artur Davis will become Governor of Alabama, because, "the black congressman has rejected black voters in the Democratic primary."  (quote from  I have never seen Artur reject the black voters,  yet.  He appeared to me to care VERY MUCH for all of us in this state.  Why does this governor's race have to come down to Black vs. White?  I know that Artur DID seek the ADC's nomination back in 2006 when he ran for office. I personally shook his hand, and observed his demeanor with those around him.

 I also know that the ADC shows partiality when it comes to their choices of nominees.  I personally witnessed Joe Reed going into the private meeting that they hold during their "nominee ceremony"...back in 2006, when it was Susan Parker's session.   Susan was my opponent in the PSC race during the Primary.  I found that to be very odd that he would do that, but now that I have heard so much more about Joe Reed, and am more informed of his politics, I am no longer surprised.  It's true, that as a Democrat,  you MUST get a large showing of the black vote, if you want to win.  .....Well, as some of you probably know, I have been  harassed and stalked online on for 5 years now.  Evidently some didn't like the fact that I exposed Susan Parker's acceptance of PAC funding that had funneled money from regulated utilities. (A certain poster by the username of "LocknLoad357" a self-proclaimed card carrying member of the Morgan County Democratic Executive Committee), has harassed and stalked me since 2006. This individual has also admitted to being Morgan County Democrat Executive Committee Chairman, Rex Cheatham in an email.  I HAVE THE EMAIL TO VERIFY THIS.   I also have been harassed and stalked by Pat Cobern (District 88 Representative of the Alabama Democrat State Executive Committee), and  her "group of bullies" because of my endeavors to attend several ADC dinners and forums.  She told me she thought I was going to bring in the "NAACP" to Prattville by attending these dinners.  This is the same woman who has stated she will "hunt my husband down".  Also, Pat is the same woman who has claimed for several years now, that my husband has attacked little old women at a Democrat meeting (although she wasn't even in attendance at this particular meeting).   Pat is a woman bent on revenge, and it's sickening that she would use  her position as a State Democrat Executive Committee member to blast hate all over political forums.  Evidently the state leaders are not worried about it, as I have contacted them on several occasions concerning  her behavior. She stated a couple of years ago, that she was bringing in more people to her "group" that harass on a daily basis.   The Sheriff's Department will not address this stalking, as they say it is a "Civil" matter, and we could "sue" over the constant harassment.  However, it IS a crime of harassing communications via. electronic device.  CYBER STALKING is not something to take lightly!! 

My question, is WHY does politics have to boil down to racism and dirty tactics? Why can't politics be "clean"? I guess that's a very perplexing question. I have a feeling that this year's political scene is going to be one of the dirtiest that you have ever seen. Every year seems to get worse. Stay tuned, as I will keep you updated to anything that I find interesting to you.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tribute to my Biological Mom, Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day MOMS!  I was lucky enough to have TWO mothers!  One, my adopted mother who raised me, & who I paid tribute to yesterday, and my BIOLOGICAL mother who I was fortunate enough to find years ago.  I am paying tribute to Minnie today.  About 22 years ago, I located my biological mother, 6 brothers and 2 sisters, and a step dad.  When we went and met Minnie, it was Thanksgiving time.  I went through court procedures to have the Virginia "closed records on adoptions" case of mine opened.  Minnie had been looking for my brother David and I, also.  It was a great meeting ...finding 10 new family members.  I have since found another sister, 2 other brothers, and one sister passed away 2 weeks before I found them.  I also found my uncle Charlie and Aunt Martha who live in another state.  Uncle Charlie and Aunt Martha came to visit us in 2004, and we had a wonderful week-long visit.  They flew in from the state they live in. 

Here are some pictures of my mom, Minnie. 

my Brother Mike, me, Mom, & David, my brother


Mom and me together!