Saturday, August 15, 2009

YAHOO! Reports Alabama Based Colonial Banks Close

Colonial Bank had 346 branches in Alabama, Florida, Texas, Nevada and Georgia. FDIC took over and said that the branches will re-open on Saturday. North Carolina's "BB&T" purchased the branches' assets.

In 2009, 77 federally insured banks have closed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

2 Alabama Inmates On Death Row Lose State Appeal

Two Alabama Death Row Inmates have lost their appeal to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals. They can now appeal to the Alabama Supreme Court.

Melvin Davis was convicted in 1996, and Harvey Windsor was convicted in 1992.

Birmingham Mayor, Larry Langford Pardons Civil Rights' Protestors From The 60s

Colonial Bank Assets Seized by The Alabama Banking Department

Almost 1,000 workers' jobs in limbo.

Woman's Ex Posts Her Nudie Pics ONLINE...She Sues!

A Chicago woman, Jessica Voth took her ex to court over her private pics being posted online. It seems that Miles Marsh didn't honor the "kiss and do not tell" code. Well, in this case, it was "'re ONLINE."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Every now and then I try to post something delightful, and uplifting LOL...WELL, here is that post.

A stray doggie with burns on it's chest was taken in by a single mother, Yolanda Segovia, with 2 sons, 10 year old Azaiah, and 21 year old Christian (who has Down Syndrome). The dog was named RaeLee (pronounced "RILEY"). After taking in the dog, the family made up 4000 fliers to pass around stating they had "found" the dog.

One day not long after RaeLee started living with this family, the dog started racing back and forth barking frantically. Yolanda went to see what was going on, and spotted her son Christian slumped over from a seizure. THE DOG SAVED HIS LIFE...To make a long story short, an owner of the dog came forward, but when he found out the dog had saved the life of Yolanda's son with Down Syndrome, his heart was touched. He allowed the family to keep RaeLee.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

ANOTHER great blog post on Troy King's DEFENSE FUNDING by us..the taxpayers.

Here is another great blog that mentions Troy King and his defense at taxpayer's expense.


I am making this post specifically for someone on that seems to think my dog Killer is out of commission. Kingbuddette, here is a picture I took yesterday evening just for calm your worries. Don't forget (stalker) that THIS doggie loves his mommy. He's actually a very beautiful dog.


I agree with my good friend Loretta Nall, on this one. IT'S NOT FAIR for Alabamians to have to cough up the money for Troy King's defense in the investigation of him by the Feds. Let's get REAL. Whenever we have to defend ourselves in court, does TROY KING come to our defense??? HECK NO! Does Troy King's office investigate cases they are supposed to? HE** NO!! I'm starting to get a little perturbed about Troy. Why should he receive special treatment (by permission of the legislature and at our expense)??? IF YOU ARE OUTRAGED BY THIS...SAY SO!!! Let your voices be heard. You are certainly hearing mine, and you are certainly hearing Loretta's...and others.