Monday, July 28, 2008


I have really enjoyed the MontgomeryUnite website/forum. Here is the link to a great place for fun and fellowship. ALL are welcome. Speak your mind. Don't be afraid of trolls, cause they got your back LOL.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I thought I would expand on this topic today, since it seems to be a never ending aggravating forum. There are many TROLLS that travel around to different forums on this site, and create havoc for those of us who like to speak the truth, and inform others of it.

I was harassed, endlessly, for way over a year, until I started having to fight back. I even had to go to the extent of filing a Better Business Bureau report on to get trolls removed, that were slandering my family. Many of you know that Pctrail1, Whatabeach, Atltobhm, Atltoobhm, Tagman, Ranger006, JohnWayne, etc, (all the Pctrail gang), were allowed to continue harassment of me, EVEN after my user name of DebMurphree was banned permanently. The harassment by these trolls lasted for several months, before finally BANNED permanently, these user names. They are BACK. Now, Pctrail1 is Ptrail2, and Nanny2shoes.. Atltobhm is Winsomeone, and Tagman is bumperstickr. Winsomeone and Bumberstickr were behaving quite nicely, until their Momma Pat decided she couldn't "resist" and there she is back again, harassing and starting forum arguments. I believe that maybe the Alabama Democrat Party should put a stop to this. I believe in the 1st Amendment, with the freedom to speak freely. HOWEVER, it is not right to continuously slander and harass others, especially when you are an elected official. Pctrail1, and Ptrail2/Nanny2shoes is an elected official for District 88 (Autauga and Elmore counties), and should be held to a higher standard that nit picking on political forums. Hats off to anyone who can control these specific trolls. You have my blessings!!