Saturday, May 9, 2009


I hope you all get to spend some quality time with your mother tomorrow. Mine (my mother who raised me when I was adopted at age 1), passed away in 2005. I have missed her so much ever since then. My biological mother is still alive, and I cherish the time that I get to spend with her. I am truly blessed to have had two mothers in my lifetime. TELL YOUR MOTHER you love her. If you have any differences between you, make them right. You never know when you might lose your mother. I lost mine suddenly, and without warning. She was fine in the morning, and that evening, ...she was gone. No 911 services in Perry County, Alabama, where she was staying at the time. Had she been in her home in Chilton County, she might would still be alive today. I loved my mother, and I love my biological mother. I always told my mother I loved her before she passed away. I tell my biological mother, Minnie, I love her all the time as well. Parents like to know they are loved by their children. GO SEE YOUR MOM tomorrow, if you still have her with you. Call her on the phone, if you can't travel to see her. Let her know she is special, and that she is loved. BUY HER FLOWERS...women love flowers. My mother always said to buy her flowers while she was still alive, so she could enjoy them. Well, I did that, and I STILL buy her flowers. Tomorrow, I will take her flowers to her graveside, and wish she could see them.

Pray for a dear friend of mine, who has cancer

Went to Birmingham yesterday to visit a dear friend of mine who has cancer. Please pray that she wil be healed, if it be God's will, or that she will pass without any pain and suffering, knowing she was truly loved.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Father in Florida Kills Wife, 2 sons, and Himself

These stories are ALWAYS heart breaking. Troy Ryan Bellar & his wife were arguing in the front yard of their home, when Mr. Bellar shot his wife, two sons, and chased his 13 year old son, firing shots at him, but he was able to escape. Thank God for miracles! (Mr. Bellar also shot and killed himself after the family shootings).

Politics! Sex Strike in KENYA

I found this to be an amazingly interesting avenue some of the ladies in Kenya are taking. Political Reform and Anti-violence issues sparked this new idea and it isn't being accepted very well among the men.

"This will accomplish nothing other than embarrass us," said Martin Kamau, a resident of Nakuru, a major city northwest of the capital. "We are being punished, and yet we are not the ones causing the problems."
Kamau plans to plead his case with his wife. "Seven days is just too much," he said."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

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Church & Funeral Weekend

This past weekend I spent Saturday with my elderly father and other family members at Church. Later in the afternoon, I attended a funeral. My good friend Buddy Chaver's brother passed away, and I wanted to show my support to the family. Buddy, as you remember, was one of the candidates for the Sheriff's race of 2002, in which I ran. He and Joann have been very close to my family since my mother passed away. Please keep Buddy, Joann and their entire family in your prayers. Losing a family member is NEVER easy....and only time can heal that kind of pain.