Friday, March 27, 2009

Barack & Michele Obama Called "Trash In The WhiteHouse"..

I know that people are entitled to their opinion, but I think it's wrong to call the President of the United States...TRASH. I'm proud of what Obama is trying to accomplish. AND DON'T FORGET....HE INHERITED a lot of problems from the former administration.

Credit Card Fees GOING UP

Lots of changes and NONE are favorable to the consumers.

"Chase increased the minimum payment from 2 percent to 5 percent for cardholders with large balances."

The 6 biggie Credit Card Issuers...-- Bank of America, Chase, Citi, American Express, Capital One and Discover. These banks are racking it in, with extra fees. In some cases, they are making MORE money off the fees they collect (such as over the credit limit, late payment fees, etc.), than on the basic monthly payment they collect from you. I'm glad I got rid of my credit cards. I consider some of these credit card companies, BULLIES. They smile at you when they issue the card, and then growl at you thereafter. lmao!!!


The following comments were posted below, but have pertinent info that I feel deem a post of their own.

Pastor Thinus Coetzee said...
Hi Jane,Please contact me on 082-961-8747 (South Africa). I can help.Pastor Thinus Coetzee

Jane said...
To all who read this....Urgent request to be distributed PLEASE:Zimbabwians stranded without food..... update as of 11h00 26 March 2009Alison and Jim Morgesson (or Margesson)Don Howard FarmLawrenceville RoadLower VumbaThe closest town to them is Mutare (+-17kms away)Their cell number: when dialling from Zim: 011 609 058When dialling from South Africa: 00263 1160 9058On the farm there are 2 horses, dogs and cats.Sue, the sister here in SA (who is destitute herself is trying to organize the evacuation of the horses.Wayne, Sue's husband is busy trying to raise funds to travel by car to Zim to rescue the cats, dogs and of course Alison and Jim.Jim state of health: he has a heart condition (special meds) and now suffers from seizures since being beaten up on the farm.Alison's health: the last information received was that she was okay.Thave no food and no money and they have no transport.If you need more info please contact me.If wanting to reach me after hours if you wouldn't mind, contact me on 071 351 2290.I am on email this email addy: only until Tuesday 31 March 2009. Thereafter I can be reached on my cell - number provided above:Thank you!

More Links Pertaining to ZIMBABWE

*****Please help the refugees. Take note of Jane & Dr. Thinus Coetzee's phone numbers to call to aide in this project.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am extremely proud of my friends, Marc and Melissa Parker for their hard endeavors to bring us news and ENTERTAINMENT. Not only do they strive hard and spend many hours to bring us up to the minute news in Prattville, online, but they have also branched out to bring us interesting interviews from "Hollywood". Eric Braeden has always been one of my favorite actors, starring on The Young and the Restless (my fav. soap next to Bold and Beautiful). I enjoyed seeing Eric on The Titanic as well. It is so exciting, though, to see Marc and Melissa land on Eric's own website, as a credit to Prattville. YOU GO GUYS!!! Hat's off to you and hats off to Eric Braeden for his highly sought acting skills.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bruce Willis Marries in the Caribbean

Congratulations, Bruce and Emma Heming, on your wedding! Bruce is one of my favorite actors of all time, with all of his action packed movies. I think it's wonderful how his ex-wife, Demi Moore maintains a good friendship with him.


CONGRATULATIONS go out to David and his longtime love, Regina Lasko, for their marriage in Montana. They have been dating since 1986...As I would say to Dave, "better late, than never". LOL.

I did catch this news last night on the Letterman Show, when Dave revealed his surprise marriage to his guests.

Red Cross Recognizes PARROT for alerting family to choking baby!

I try to bring you interesting news from all over the United States, and the World, and this story I found to be so unique.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ZIMBABWE (We should count our blessings everyday!)