Saturday, April 9, 2011


As all Americans awaited in suspense about a looming shutdown of government, Congress came back with a surprise to save the day!

An agreement was struck to pay for government expenses and operations THROUGH SEPTEMBER... (giving time for further negotiations), and also cutting 38.5 billion in spending.  Now our troops can rest assured that there will be no halt in paychecks coming to their spouses and families.  That's one of the best aspects of the deal, to me.  Our men and women fight for our freedom...and while they sometimes feel it is a thankless job, it would have been a "payless" job had government shut down.'s a GREAT DAY IN AMERICA, Craig Ferguson would put it.  Thank you Jesus!  

Have you ever wondered how a government shutdown would affect America?  Here's a breakdown of some of the governmental functions that would be affected, and how.  

**Military would have to continue working, but not get paid.
**Mail service would CONTINUE, through rain, sleet, or snow.  (The USPS doesn't receive taxpayer funding, as they are "self funded".)
**Medicare would still be functional, as they would receive money from an "emergency trust fund".
**Social Security would still operate, and beneficiaries would still receive their checks.
**IRS would still operate, but under limited capabilites.  Tax deadline would remain the same...April 18.  However, no paper taxes would be "processed".  (about 30 percent of filers depend on this process). There would be a suspension of tax audits, etc. Here's the glitch, though...the IRS would continue to "collect tax money".
**Department of Veterans Affairs would continue services, but be limited.   Health and benefit payments would still continue...(they receive their money on a 2 year cycle).  If you would expect an answer to a question via email or phone, you would be those services would be temporarily suspended.
**Airports would continue without delay...they are "essential".
**Law Enforcement would continue...(FBI, U.S. Marshals, DEA, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives).  
The list goes on and on...but that's some of the major federal agencies  that Americans depend on strongly.