Thursday, October 30, 2008


I still get tickled when I watch Craig Ferguson and some of his antics. He is just about the most hilarious guy on television. I'm so impressed with his decision to keep his choices for whom he wants to vote for, ...secret. As a new U.S. Citizen, Craig takes seriously his duty to vote, and I wish that all Americans had his excitement when it comes to voting. I read that over 3 million newly registered voters in Alabama, will be hitting the polls on election day this year! That is so exciting to me, because I have talked to so many who just dread the day and claim they won't be voting. What are your reasons for voting, and if you don't want to vote, WHY NOT???? I would love to hear some concrete reasons of why people refuse to vote. EVEN IF YOU WRITE SOMEONE IN, it's still a satisfaction. MAY THE BEST PERSON WIN ON ELECTION DAY!!!! And CRAIG, keep up the good work on the late late show. It's so entertaining and funny. Maybe that's why I still have insomnia.

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